Accelerated Program

HPU’s School of Christian Studies offers an accelerated program in which students can earn their undergraduate degree(s) along with a graduate degree, all in five years. Students may choose from any of the Christian Studies majors (Bible, Christian Education, Practical Theology and Youth Ministry) and add either of two graduate degrees (the Master of Arts in Theology & Ministry or the Master of Arts in Youth Ministry).

After a student has completed 75 hours, he or she may apply for admission to the graduate program. If accepted,  students will take up to 12 hours of graduate (GR) coursework to complete their undergraduate (UG) degree, and these hours will be used toward a 42-hour graduate degree. The accelerated program has the potential to save the student both time and up to $6,300 in tuition fees while earning graduate and undergraduate degrees.

Traditional Accelerated
124 hours
112 hours
BA – GR +0 hours +12 hours
MA 42 hours 30 hours
Total 166 hours 154 hours

Admission Requirements

To be admitted to the accelerated program, students must have a 3.0 GPA in their major before declaring their intention to apply for one of the Accelerated MA degrees. Upon acceptance to the program, students will be allowed to take graduate courses during their senior year.

Application for Accelerated Program

Mail completed form and any attached documentation to:

School of Christian Studies

Howard Payne University

Attn: Graduate Program

1000 Fisk Street

Brownwood, TX 76801-2794


Contact Dr. Donnie Auvenshine ( or 325-649-8408) or Dr. Gary Gramling ( or 325-649-8404).

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