General Packing List

· Linens (twin size) or sleeping bag

· Pillow

· Bath towel/hand towel/washcloth

· Toiletries

· Necessary medicines (prescription, inhalers, etc.)

· Bug spray/sunscreen

· Hat – Head covering of some type

· Comfortable clothing (no bare midriffs – shorts should be school appropriate in length)

· Must have tennis shoes/socks for marching

· Comfortable footwear for relaxed times

· Camera/phone

· Swimsuit if swimming – extra towel

· Umbrella/rain gear (just in case)

· Sunglasses

· Paper/pen/pencil to take notes

· Instrument – unless on Color Guard Track

· Color Guard bring all of your equipment that you will use – pole/silk/rifle/sabre/etc.

· Money for extras (snack bar, HPU clothing items, etc.)

· Personal listening devices

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