Bachelor of Science in Nursing

About the HPU BSN degree

HPU aims to provide future nurses a solid Christ-centered foundation to serve others. The curriculum is student centered with a focus on caring, faith and intellectual inquiry.

Students will undergo a rigorous and competitive process to gain admission to the university’s School of Nursing during the spring semester of their sophomore year. If admitted to the program, students will start BSN coursework the following semester.

In addition to incoming first-year students, transfer students and HPU upperclassmen may enroll as nursing majors with plans to apply to HPU’s School of Nursing during the latter portion of their sophomore year.

Click below for information about the BSN degree course sequence and organization.

HPU BSN Course Sequence

Admission Information and Requirements

Click here to view the admission criteria for entrance to the HPU School of Nursing Pre-Licensure Baccalaureate Nursing Education Program.

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