Biological Sciences

A biology major is useful for:

  • Employment
    • Such as biology teacher or research lab technician
  • Background for allied health fields (requires additional courses at another school)
    • Such as hospital lab technician
  • Overlap with health profession schools requirements
    • Such as medical, dental, optometry, physical therapy, or veterinary medicine schools
  • Graduate schools (master or doctorate degrees)
    • Such as biology or public health

The biology faculty:

  • Have a wide range of backgrounds
  • Teach courses for freshmen to seniors
  • Teach labs as well as lectures
  • Serve as academic advisors for biology majors
  • Serve as research advisors for student’s individual research projects

The biology major at Howard Payne University emphasizes:

  • Broad background in biology
    • You must take a wide variety of biology courses.
  • Hands-on experiences
    • Almost every biology course includes a laboratory component.
  • Individual research project
    • Each student plans, carries out, and reports on an independent project.

More information

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