Student research projects

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Each biology major plans, carries out, and reports on an independent project.  A major will take BIO 4109 Research Proposal (usually spring semester of the junior year) to review the scientific literature and make a plan for a research project.  Then in BIO 4119 Research (usually fall semester of the senior year) a major will carry out the plan.  In BIO 4211 Senior Thesis and Assessment (usually spring semester of the senior year) a major will write a research paper, give an oral presentation, and create a research poster.


Poster of a student research project

Research Advisors

Any faculty member of the department may serve as the advisor for the student’s project.  Although we do not have the responsibility of maintaining funded research, each of us has particular interests.

Faculty Member Research Expertise
Dr. Kristen Hutchins  Animal Physiology
Ms. Amy Kresta  Animal Ecology
Dr. Dennis Gibson  Plant Biology and Ecology
Dr. Greg Hatlestad  Microbiology and Molecular Biology
Dr. Craig Younce

Past Projects

This PDF (Student Research index for files 20140618) has a list of the titles of student research projects.

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