Veteran Education Benefits

Here at Howard Payne University, we salute our veterans and current members of the military and are proud to have them and their family members  as students.

Are you eligible to receive VA Education Benefits?

Veteran Education Benefit Programs

Howard Payne University’s programs are approved for those who wish to receive benefits under the following:

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The Process

The Paperwork

1. Apply for VA Educational Benefits at the link seen above or at  To receive VA Educational Benefits, the following documents must be submitted:
2. Apply for admission to HPU. VA benefit recipients follow the same admission process as other applicants.  Required by the Registrar at HPU:

1. Official Military Transcript (if applicable, to receive prior credit)

 3. Contact HPU’s VA School Certifying Official. They need to know that you have been accepted to HPU and intend to use VA Educational Benefits.  Required by the School Certifying Official at HPU:

 School Certifying Official at HPU:

Celeste Justice


1. Copy of your Certificate of Eligibility

2. Copy of your DD-214 (required for servicemen, but not required for dependents receiving transferred benefits)

3. Copy of your Official Degree Plan (located online on the HPU Gateway student account AFTER the student has registered for classes)

 Communication BETWEEN THE STUDENT and the SCO is vital for VA benefits to be paid correctly and on time. CONTINUOUSLY CHECK YOUR E-MAIL!!!

To begin the admission process and use veteran benefits, click here.

Click the following link for common FAQs.





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